Answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. Why should I advertise on Facebook?

    With over a billion active users, Facebook is the place to connect to users where they live online. Whether we're talking mobile or desktop usage, there's no online channel better at reaching consumers by breadth or depth. Having a brand presence online means managing a Facebook page, well connected to your fans and customers.

    While careful curation of organic content can effectively drive page growth and social engagement, there is a fierce battle among brands for attention in users' newsfeeds. To get your message heard, it's often required to amplify your content with paid advertising. Facebook's ad products are specifically designed to help advertisers spread the conversation they're having with their fans out to targeted prospects, likely to contribute to brand growth.

    As Facebook's platform has matured, it's grown into a powerful engine for cultivating an engaged customer base. At adMixt, we've proved with many clients that fans can not only drive a brand's message across the social network, but also drive revenue to the brand's bottom line.

  2. What advertising tools does Facebook offer?

    Facebook offers a number of tools helping users get started with advertising:

    • Ads Manager is their basic tool for creating individual ads. It offers access to most ad creation features and let's you monitor performance at a campaign level, or adgroup level. Creating a single ad using Ads Manager takes anywhere from 1 - 5 minutes.
    • Power Editor is a bulk ad creation and editing tool. It offers access to a few more features than Ads Manager, like Custom Audience creation, and lets you copy and paste ads to quickly create many variants.
    • There are a few simplified tools integrated into the Facebook experience that let you quickly launch ads for Page Posts and Mobile Apps right from the dashboards where you configure your content. These tools offer limited options. We recommend using Ads Manager or Power Editor over these simplified tools.
  3. How are adMixt's tools different from Facebook's?

    adMixt combines the best features of Facebook's tools, letting you easily create and manage limitless variants. Coupling that with powerful targeting and analysis tools, adMixt offers everything brands need to run the ads they want to run, and measure performance in realtime.

  4. How much will I save with adMixt?

    We have seen the cost of acquiring fans and application users drop by as much as 80% versus using Facebook's Ads Manager. Compared to another leading Facebook Marketing Partner, our clients have seen fan acquisition prices drop by 40%. For e-commerce campaigns, we've helped several clients whose campaigns had not reached profitability find returns on investment greater than 6x

  5. How much does it cost?

    We charge a percentage of your advertising spend

  6. Is adMixt managed or self-serve?

    Every client is different, but we find managing our clients’ campaigns generates the greatest return on ad spend. adMixt works hand in hand with your marketing team, leveraging our experience in content creation and campaign analytics to ensure that your message reaches your audience and your spend achieves your goals.

  7. How is social different from search?

    Search is all about context. Engines like Google know what people are looking for in the current moment. This is a great opportunity to serve advertisements specific to the current need.

    Social is about demographics and behaviors. Facebook has complex datasets covering the interests and connections of over a billion users. Social engagement establishes an ongoing relationship between the advertiser and the consumer. Activity occurring on the social network has the potential to go viral across a user's connection, drawing a larger audience into the advertiser's message

  8. How is social different from email?

    Like email marketing, social is based on users opting in to receive an advertiser's message. But unlike email, social establishes a public link between the user and advertiser. This explicit endorsement serves as the basis for the advertiser's presence on the network, tying it publicaly to its fanbase. Also unlike email, the connection between advertiser and user is managed securely by the social network, freeing users from the fear of releasing their contact information out to unknown parties and falling victim to spam and data theft.

  9. How is social different from display?

    Display advertising can also be targeted to the demographic and behavioral patterns of users, within the limits of the publisher's ad server. And with the rise of the Exchanges, advertisers can target ads across large publisher networks based on a wide array of data sets. Despite these capabilities, no network offers a greater level of data consistency than Facebook, and no other network offers the potential for viral growth of advertisers' messages.

  10. Do you run social ads on Facebook Exchange (FBX)?

    While we do not work with FBX, we have full support for Facebook's new Website Custom Audience product. It has many of the same benefits as FBX, with the added benefit of integration with all of Facebook's other targeting features. If you still need FBX, take a look at Facebook's list of approved Exchange providers.

  11. How are you different from other Facebook Marketing Partners

    adMixt is one of the newest members to be awarded Facebook's ad technology specialty. While some of our competitors have been operating their platforms for years, ours is built from the ground up to support the latest features and capabilities of Facebook's network. At adMixt, our platform is our passion. You wont find us using Facebook's Ad Manager or Power Editor to service your campaigns. Our technology is the foundation of every service we offer, and saves us from relying on dozens of campaign managers and client service representatives to meet your goals.

    Facebook has changed dramatically over the last three years. At adMixt, we believe that to embrace that change you need a modern platform built amidst this thriving, competitive ecosystem.

  12. Do you want to hear about my wild idea?

    Yes. Right away. Contact us.